Saturday, November 22, 2014

7 reasons why attending JLF is a must for every one!

“For any self-respecting reader, the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival is the best that could have happened after the invention of the Gutenberg press,” quoted Business Standard and we could not agree more with it.

Since it’s genesis in 2005, Jaipur Literature Festival has witnessed more footfall than the previous year. Assessing the popular lit-fest, we bring to you 7 reasons why attending JLF is a must for everyone:
  1. Stating the obvious, Jaipur: The pink city blushes pink when the noble ordeal of its appraisal comes into play. The forts in the city, the rich culture that it gleams from every corner, the heritage spots and the easy accessibility from most parts of the world surely makes it an important aspect of whole tale.
  2. The atmosphere: Lawns of the Diggi palace cater a buzzing ambience with a vibrant air. People walk into the lectures in colourful tents, chat around while sipping their coffees in the open-air café, watch the celebrities take a glass of cider and sit next to themselves and enjoy being a part of the most beautiful celebration of words in the whole world.
  3. The evenings: It’s not just intense discussion about the paradigm shifts taking place all around us, JLF is more than anything one can possibly imagine. Dawn brings with itself a soothing calmness in the atmosphere when people enjoy a rollicking concert. People let their hair down, drink, relax and make merry.
  4. The people: From Nobel laureates to debutant novelists, they are all going to be there. The depth in the thoughts of Elizabeth Gilbert to the rebellious attitude of Deepti Kapoor, simple yet sensitive tone of Sudha Murthy to sensational edge of Adam LeBor, you can hear, watch and be mesmerized by all of it at this one pilgrim of all literature lovers.
  5. The testament of your love for books: It’s easy to mention reading as a hobby, it’s easier to pick up a random book here and there and see if it appeals you till the end. But it is a testament of your love for books to save up the dates well in advance, keep yourself free for a week and do something that you truly want. If you have spent nights before an important examination reading something else because you were engrossed in it, devoured pages in hours and a book in days because you couldn’t resist it, you are meant to attend JLF 2015.
  6. The ease of ticketing: Believe us when we say, it could not be easier. It’s like you ask a genie for a wish and ‘whoosh’ it came true. Log in to and book your tickets to the most epic festival in the whole world in just a few minutes.
  7. The FREE factor: Well yeah you read but would you call yourself a literature enthusiast? Well yeah may be. Allow us to ask you another question, Do you like free stuff! We guess yeah and so you might really like JLF 2015 because it is FREE. It’s hard to believe normally and when it is something this amazing, it is even harder to believe that something this big could be literally inexpensive. But with JLF this indeed is the case. You simply have to click on book tickets on and select your category to General (unpaid) and within few click you have your ticket to JLF 2015 in hand without spending a single penny.

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