Monday, January 19, 2015

Fans of Folk, Followers of Funk! Something for all at JLF 2015

Book lovers have their own favorite style of reading books. While the travelers like to gulp the words down on their journeys, the nocturnal souls can't find a moment of rest till they finish a page or 20.

And then there is that rare sub-species of book lovers; the ones who find music and books the best combination in the world. Play some soothing music in the background, pick up a good book, and voila a little heaven is found on earth.

Keeping the notes of literature and music both in mind, the eighth season of Jaipur Literature Festival will be featuring some of the best musical talent across the world. 117 artists will be showcasing their talents in one way or the other on the music stage of JLF from January 21-25.

From folk to funk a huge variety of music will be performed by artists from over the world. Other then the renowned names such as Javed Akhtar and Indian Ocean, many new artists such as the acapella band Vocal Rasta will also feature in the music event.

Globally famous local Rajasthani music artists such as the Jaisalmer Boys, Chugge Khan and Nathoo Solanki will be the first to feature as the curtain of JLF is raise on January 21, 2015. The audience will not be able to help but join Rajasthani dancers Sonam Kalra and her Sufi gospel project in their mesmerizing moves.

Folk followers will be swept of their feet by the mellifluous renditions of Dadra, Jhoola, Kajri, Chaiti and Holi by Malini Awasthi. The event will conclude on the last day with Rashmi Agarwal's soulful ghazals.

And to bring a legendary end to the iconic line-ups, Midival Punditz, the Indian electronic band featured in some of the Bollywood blockbusters such as Don, Chak De and Karthik Calling Karthik will rock the stage with their new covers and original tracks.

So all you music lovers out there, you are in good luck because the Musical Stage will have a ticketed entry of just Rs 400. Book your tickets with and witness nights studded with magical music!

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