Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hollywood movies starring White House

The White House is not just the official residence and principal workplace of the President of United States of America but also an iconic piece of architecture. The most important decisions that shape the future of not just the states but almost the whole world are taken in this very building.
Naturally there have to be many stories real and fictitious spinning around it. This time let's have a look at some of the well known movies made over the time that spin their tales around the White House.

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  1. In The Line Of Fire: A straight forward thriller of the highest order, this movie takes you on a whole different trip with Clint Eastwood impressive self as a CIA agent who is determined to save the president's life. The White house scene in the movie were shot in the pre-built set in Washington DC made for $250000 in the year 1992.
  2. The American President: This comedy-drama about a widowed US President and a lobbyist tried hard to emphasize on 'politics is perception' philosophy and gave the audience the perception, it was trying too hard. The director of the movie Rob Reiner followed president Bill Clinton for several consecutive days as he went about his routine to get the real feel of a president's life.
  3. Independence Day: Of course we wouldn't miss almost everyone's favorite movie ever made on the White House. Aliens, communication failure, Will Smith and blast, it's a perfect recipe for a hard selling entertainment. The White House which exploded was built at 1/12 scale, just to be blown up. Nine cameras filmed the explosion at various speeds, one of which was 12 times faster than normal, then played back at normal speed to make the explosion seem larger and slower on film.
  4. Lincoln: This film can be termed as one of the best political movies ever made in Hollywood. Made after a long research of 12 long years, Daniel Day Lewis was awarded with Academy Award for best actor making him the very first actor to win an acting Oscar for a movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
  5. White House Down: Made in 2013, this movie was every adventurous tourist's dream. You are taking a trip to the White House and there is an invasion, where you heroically save the president and are given great honor because of that. However most people who saw the movie found the child actress Joey King to be more of a hero than Channing Tatum.
  6. Olympus Has Fallen: With Gerald Butler in the lead as a disgraced former Presidential guard who finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; this movie is awfully similar to White House Down and the comparison between both the movies has been done consistently to find which one was better.
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